The Zeemeeuw

Sailing area

Sailing AreaOur ship is based in Harlingen, from where the trips usually begin.

You can plan the route you will follow together with your skipper; this will depend on weather conditions. On longer trips you can visit a different harbour every day. In this way you can make a great trip taking in the Wadden Sea and Wadden Islands or the IJsselmeer.Harlingen is an historic town. It was already an important port in the 17th century. The many historical buildings are witness to this past, and the picturesque Noorderhaven and Zuiderhaven (north and south harbours) are still tidal.Within walking distance of the ships you will find shops, cosy restaurants, cafés and terracesWadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is easily accessible form Harlingen. One of the most beautiful areas of Europe it offers a unique ecology, with many birds, fish and seals. All the Wadden Islands are accessible to our ships. If you prefer, and the conditions are right, you can spend the night on one of the many sandbanks in the Wadden Sea.

Harlingen is also a good starting point for a trip over the IJsselmeer, via the lock the Kornwerderzand, in the Afsluitdijk . It takes about two hours sailing to reach the lock. From there you can, for instance, visit the old Zuyderzee ports, or even, on longer trips, sail to Amsterdam.

For those who would like to get to know the canals and lakes of Friesland, Harlingen again makes a good starting point. Seeing Friesland from the water is a special experience and, after sailing, there is plenty of opportunity to visit some of the small towns.

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