The Zeemeeuw


Peter and Martine de Jong  the proud owners of the Zeemeeuw!

Peter already sailed on different ships during a longer period of time. The sailing is in his blood, the sailing has been a hobby from his youth up. And he made his job out of it. In 1999 it was time to buy our own ship. Already soon we spotted  the beautiful lugger which since 1990 was used as a charter ship.   Martine is the partner, who also has a job ashore, she’s the one behind the scenes who helps to make the stay on board for the guests as comfortable as possible.

Since  2005 a little sailor is joining us. Her name is Zoë and she can’t hoist the sails yet.. but she’ll learn the trade fast enough during the weekends. On board also Módzjo (the ship’s dog) can be found. Módzjo is a real brown stabyhoun. She came on board when she was still a pup, so in the meantime she’s already gotten her own sea legs…

When you choose a luxurious holiday, then the crew will be enlarged with our own ship’s cook. They will also see to it that you’ll lack nothing.

And of course there’s a boatswain ..or a ship boy. This year it will be ……

Crew speaks: Dutch- English- Frisian – German

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