Family day trip


Day on the wad

Just a day out..With family or a group of friends. …Getting a nice breath of fresh air on the water.

What does a day like that look like?

On the morning itself, you’ll embark at 09.00 A.M. After getting acquainted with the captain and crew.. you’ll be explained what the options are for that day..After another brief explanation by the sailor.. practicing some knots.. we’ll cast off and hoist the sails. We’ll sail to sea in the direction of the islands of Vlieland and Terschelling.

With a little bit of luck we might get near the seals. Around noon you can enjoy a spectacular lunch, prepared by one of our cooks.  After that we’ll go about again and stand in towards ourhome port.  On the way you can enjoy the miraculous spectacle of wind and clouds over the beautiful nature reserve.Around 05.00 P.M. we’ll be arriving back in Harlingen..

You’ll discuss the final program for a day trip with the captain on the day of arrival. Of course taking the wind-weather-and tide into consideration.

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